What is Sweatcoin

What is Sweatcoin? So sweatcoin is a digital currency like crypto and bitcoin. But it doesn’t have blockchain yet released.

SweatCoin is a term created to define the phrase sweat for the coin. So, you can understand it this way; you engage in a physical activity that earns you some cash. SweatCoin is free-for-all application that promotes that. It encourages physical fitness.

Unlike Bitcoin, SweatCoin leans more on transparency and equity, making participants’ access to their transactions easy. The app can be used on Android and iOS devices.

SweatCoin aims to ensure as many people are involved in physical activities as possible. You will be earning by simply walking, strolling, running or jogging. In the process, you will not be only gaining health, but wealth as well.

It only takes you installing the app on your phone and keep it running at all times. The phone should be on you when you start the activity to record. The more you walk, the more you earn. In short, your health is your wealth.

Introduction to Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is an application that promotes physical fitness while ensuring you reap its financial benefit in the form of cryptocurrency.
In this age when physical fitness is key, sweatcoin ensures that a lot of people are involved and interested in their physical wellness. Every single minute you take a walk, stroll, run or jog counts. It is quite an interesting relief to know that you get paid for staying fit!

In this way, your health do not only maintain a positive outlook but you amass wealth in the process of staying healthy. Sweatcoin is a fitness application with a difference. It is aimed at rewarding physical activeness. There are various fitness activities but if it is not dependent on steps, it is not a sweatcoin feature.

This is so because sweatcoin application is dependent on steps.
There are few processes involved in being a beneficiary of this wonderful application.

The most important thing is to install the application on your phone and keep it running at all times. This implies that whenever you want to go running or walking, you need to be with your phone because the application would not record your steps in absentia. The sweatcoin application monitors and evaluates your activity whenever you go for a walk, stroll, run or a jog and it rewards you immensely in the form of crytocurrency.

The ideal way of calculating your earnings that should be accrued to you is to be cognizant of the number of steps you have taken for that period of time. The application quantities one thousand steps you have taken and equates it to one sweatcoin.

Hence, you can put your sweatcoin earnings into good use. Whatever buying decision you decide to make is left to your own discretion as long as it is in alignment with sweatcoin retailers or partners. A beneficiary can decide to use the earnng from his/her sweatcoin to obtain amazing cards, gift items and so on. The offers that comes with these items vary. It is solely dependent on the individuals that sweatcoin decides to partner with or have a level of understanding with.
The application encourages different forms of subscription and the users of the application make decisions that are suitable for them. In as much as sweatcoin is centered on bodily movement, there are some bodily movement that does not accumulate gains. So, it is necessary that users of this application bear in mind the various factors or elements that may mitigate a smooth operation of the application and adhere strictly to the principles that governs its usage.
It is therefore suitable to come to a conclusion that sweatcoin application is a trusted application that not only encourages physical fitness but also enables its participants to accumulate wealth in the process of living healthy lifestyles. Suffice to say, health is indeed wealth.

Here is a brief info about sweat in audio.

How sweatcoin works?

  • Find extra motivation to go out and earn Sweatcoins for the walk.
  • You win for the walk you do. Walk to practice, work, take out the dog. You are already running; now you can win.
  • Sweatcoin has more than 20 million installations. This gives Sweatcoin a considerable number of users for its cryptocurrency.
  • The Sweatcoin app is available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Canada, the EU, and Australia.
  • Win this new cyber currency (fast cryptocurrency) before you see the rising prices and the expected passage to the blockchain.
  • You win Sweatcoin before you go to blockchain and maybe an ICO (Initial Coin Offering).
  • The Sweatcoin app was # 1 in app stores in Canada and Australia in less than two weeks after it was released.
  • An active program of sponsorship or affiliation winning 5 Sweatcoin referenced by the installation.
  • Countries are currently added to about 1 per month. The launch of Europe took place in June. Sweatcoins in Germany, France, and Spain are now online.

History of SweatCoin.

Initially called “Bitwalk,” it was introduced by Franky Imbesi and Nissan Bahar who featured in Forbes severally. It was supposed to provide an alternative for Bitcoin but failed because they were paying 1BW$ for 10K step, which was unfriendly for users.

TEDx invited them to explain the business model, and because they were doing other businesses, Bitwalk survived. The earning limit per day is $3.

How does SweatCoin Work?

It is quite simple actually. It all depends on an individual because you will need to find some motivation to work out and earn some SweatCoins.

Anytime you walk, whether taking a dog out or just running for fun, you can win.

With more than 20 million installations, it has grabbed the cryptoworld already. It is available in UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, the EU, and Australia.

You will win the coin before upgrading to blockchain or before the ICO. You can also earn through an affiliation program.

How to earn sweatcoins?

It’s really easy and fun to earn sweatcoin so let’s make some sweatcoins. I have mentioned some of the steps and methods to earn sweatcoins.

  • To Start Earning SweatCoin you must download their official App from App Store or PlayStore from here.
  • Sign up to it and make sure your location is on.
  • After you sign up and log in. Just start running or walking outside.

As it seems really boring and slow process for you guys to earn sweatcoins right? So for that, I have created an infographic which can help you guys earn sweatcoins faster.

How to make more by Invites referrals?

If you want to earn more from sweatcoin and get awards like 1000$ PayPal and other valuable rewards. You need to work more on marketing and promoting your referral URL on various social and try to use Quora for answering the question and include your link as a signature so if someone wants to give me you a reward for an answer they can click your link and sign up for sweatcoin with that you will automatically get 5 Sweatcoins.

Try these 5 simple strategies to earn 5x more sweatcoins.

  1. Create a Youtube channel and talk about sweatcoin.
  2. Try marketing your sweatcoin posts using HASHTAGS on social media.
  3. Use Quora to answers question and get clicks on your link.
  4. Try interacting with people using comments or if you have some popular profiles/pages you can share it there.
  5. Use Google Plus which will drive traffic in low amount but at least your post will be ranked because most people are not awarded of marketing in Google Plus.

How to become a Sweatcoin Influencer?

If you want to become a sweatcoin influencer and want to grow your business with sweatcoin. All you need a basic social media profile, I would recommend going for and that would be instagram or youtube because most of the people attract towards Youtube and Instagram and there engagement is also high and there is a great chance to get famous.

The idea behind the name “Sweatcoin”.

So, it was new to the market and they were trying to get attention of people by the phrase “Earn by Walking” or “Get paid by walking”. They called the name of the following brand as Sweatcoin where fitness category is highly targetted. Sweatcoin define the phrase “Sweat for the coins”. Which target the main keyword “Earn by walking” and hence they get the inter-linking.

Can I hack/cheat Sweatcoins and Get XXX Sweatcoins?

If you have seen some video on youtube showing something like 10k sweatcoin in a minute or something like that. Get this it’s all fake they photoshop it or either change the Number on a web using Developers tools in Google Chrome. Also be careful from scammers who can trick you in many different ways even if you have 5 SWC never trust anyone based on selling/buying.
As in the above image you can see that any cheat with sweatcoin app or company can lead you in a permaban. So try to be original and work as hard as you can, also that would be highly appreciated.

How SweatCoin makes profit off their company?

Talking about data, SweatCo (Founders of SweatCoin) collects your data and uses it for analyzation and they do give your data to third party but appropriate service providers only. Also, the data is used by their system as mentioned in their privacy policy.

They use your data to market/improve their services. Also SweatCo. don’t allow anyone under 13 to enter their personal information on their website, So first you need to be well-awared and proper permissions shall be granted to under 13’s.

What is Value of Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin have no specific market value because they don’t have a specific blockchain released till yet. You can buy/sell sweatcoin locally but be aware of risks as explained above.  Sweatcoin value about an average based in online market is sold in USD or GBP and the estimated is around 30 to 75$ for 1000 Sweatcoins. But keeping sweatcoin if long-term thinking if it succeeds. But you must know the rules and the rate of interest in sweatcoin because if you want you may sell your sweatcoin on the internet.