Best 5 Software for Project Management: Try out Now!

Doing office tasks, organizing the toughest projects, and enabling simple teamwork are very much essential in your professional life. These’ll make your working process more advanced.

Regarding that, you need the best software for project management. But finding one can be quite challenging than you think.

Don’t worry. Leave all those hard works for us as in this article we made sure you find the perfect software for the smooth management of your projects.

Read on to know the checklist, features, and why you should use them!


The Procedure of Selecting A Software

There’re some points you need to remember before choosing one tool for you and your team. They should be on your checklist. Like,

  • Define your company needs, project type and current tech stack
  • Create an evaluation team that includes tools testing
  • Test those selected tools with a set timeframe
  • Buy and implement the final software with the help of timeline integration
  • Review the implementation and try it with the tool sales team.


Best 5 Software for Project Management

Now that you know how to select a software tool, let’s suggest to you the 5 best ones!

  1. Goals

Goals by keepsolid inc is one of the best software for project management I have ever come across. Goals is all-in-one CRM software by which you can make your business more profitable and efficient.

Reasons to purchase Goals:

  • It lets you set up specific goals, plan strategies.
  • It’s easy to run and you can involve your team in it.
  • Keepsolid Goals allows you to integrate with 1000+ apps by its built-in functions and via Zapier.
  • Convenient UI will give you extra efficiency and effectiveness in any kind of CRM activity.
  1. Asana

You might have heard about this outstanding software’s name even if you didn’t use it. Asana is famous for its handy tracking functions with team-oriented and cloud-based features.

Reasons to purchase Asana,

  • It lets you generate reminders and to-do-lists
  • The images can be shared easily from other apps directly
  • You can track your teamwork to know if the project is fluently running
  • It offers a free tier with limited dashboards and functionality


  1. Trello

If you’re comfortable with working on all your projects on a computer, smartphone or tablet, Trello is for you.

Reasons to purchase Trello,

  • You can get customized workflows and add to-do-lists
  • Both Mac and Windows are supported
  • Has one-day email support
  • Allows integration with Slack and Google


  1. Zoho Projects

For easy visualizations, you need to get Zoho Projects. It’ll also let you organize, plan and collaborate on all your upcoming tasks.

Reasons to purchase Zoho Projects,

  • This software tracks and fixes errors of your management system speedily
  • Integrations are possible with Dropbox, Slack, Google, etc
  • Document management is much easy with it
  • A free plan is available to explore the features


  1. Basecamp

Basecamp has been ruling the project management software field with its amazing features for more than 10years.

Reasons to purchase Basecamp,

  • You can send a direct message for a quick discussion
  • Setting of the working schedule is simple here
  • All the files can be kept in one folder
  • You can track and save clients approval and feedback anytime


  1. Podio

If you’re working on multiple projects at the same time, your search ends here. Go for Podio with your eyes closed.

Reasons to purchase Podio,

  • You can customize and create tasks based on the workflow
  • Built-in instant messages can be sent for a fast discussion
  • A handy tool is here for comments and feedback
  • Integration with a third party is possible



That’s a quick and fast overview of our 6 best software for project management. We hope you’ll find it helpful by using them for your recent projects. No matter which one you choose, satisfaction will be guaranteed.

All the best!

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