5 Marketing Techniques that Will Never Die

Traditional marketing remains relevant even in the digital marketing era. For example, cold calls are still a reliable method to generate hot sales and warm leads. The success of call answering services such as AU eVoice proves this fact.

While the continued digital revolution has changed how marketers operate, traditional marketing techniques are still a force to reckon with. Some businesses are still flourishing from these traditional marketing techniques. Successful marketers recognize how valuable and relevant conventional marketing can be, especially when combined with digital marketing efforts.

Even though some traditional marketing techniques are seemingly losing relevance, others are still strong and continue to rule the world. For example, radio and television aren’t viable options for small businesses. In contrast, flyers, billboards, and signage are highly effective but not budget-friendly. Here are marketing techniques that are unlikely to die.


Hand-painted images and printed billboards are still reliable marketing techniques. Installing billboards along busy hallways and highways can help reach out to a broader audience. Billboards are a traditional marketing technique that uses more images than text. Compelling images are an effective way to raise brand awareness.


Research has shown that a clear, bright image is worth thousands of words. Billboards and large signs can never go unnoticed. They boast a broad reach across geographical boundaries and social networking platforms.

Brochures and Flyers

Flyers and brochures are a reliable marketing technique along streets, brick and mortar establishments, and malls. Marketers still prefer brochures and flyers for publicizing special offers and discounts. Additionally, business cards are a highly effective marketing technique for introducing a business directly to a client. They are still more interactive and connective even in the digital marketing age.


Never underestimate the power of flyers and brochures in bringing new business growth opportunities. Marketers can also use business cards and direct mails to elicit emotional reactions. Clients find it easier to absorb content on hand-outs than words on a screen.


Inbound and outbound marketing remains a king in the marketing space. A recent study found that cold calling services are more effective than CRM systems when generating B2B leads. Opting for world-class outbound and inbound telemarketing can help marketers focus on their core operations.

Direct Mail

Email marketing is making a comeback. A few years ago, people would tag direct mail marketing as a shrink away and snail-mail. Direct mail promotes personalization and creativity and helps target a specific market segment.

Email marketing is easier to understand, and it boasts a greater reader influence. Studies have revealed that direct mail generates a higher brand recall than other marketing techniques.

The old-fashioned direct mail technique is still a real deal in the new digital era. It results in a quicker retrieval process, more purchases, and a faster response rate. Direct marketing is mightier than other traditional marketing techniques in many ways, including evoking a higher response rate.

Research has found that yellow letters are superior to typewritten letters in the real estate landscape. These letters are composed on the yellow legal pad by hand, and they tend to be more personal and individualized than other marketing techniques. Marketers can also include the contact details of the sender in these letters.


Most buyers make their purchase decision before they even meet a salesperson. Experience and training are integral to the success of a salesperson. Marketers can hone their skills by enrolling with top marketing training institutions. Customer care can help improve client retention and convert more prospects into loyal customers.

In the past, the salespeople’s marketing approach ruled the marketing world. While it is no longer as effective as before, sales representatives still hold some value. Businesses should ignore the power of salespersons at their peril.

Salespersons have had to improve their tactics to keep up with marketing trends such as networking, which has become more crucial for sales representatives than ever. It helps them to increase their sales and attract top talents. Digital marketing techniques can’t make the impact that sales representatives make.

You might have had that some marketing techniques are no longer useful. Many have claimed that traditional marketing techniques such as direct mailing, billboards, flyers, brochures, sales representatives, and telemarketing are dead.

Some marketers are even scared to invest their money and time in these marketing approaches. But this doesn’t mean that these strategies are dead. The above traditional marketing techniques will never die and will remain strong regardless of changes in the marketing industry.

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