What happens after I've signed off my new logo design?

Process: Equipped with a thorough understanding of the brand it’s up to us to give it a face. Your logo design doesn’t need to encompass everything that we’ve talked about up to this point and it’s not entirely necessary for your customers to know the ins and outs of your business from this single image alone. At this point we’re looking to capture the essence of your personality, after all how you use your logo and what sits alongside it are of equal importance.

Working: We believe that choice is a great thing and we don’t limit the number of concepts that we will share with you so long as we feel that they meet the brief and they will work well for your business. Typically we will present at least three concepts for discussion and will develop your preferred option until you’re totally happy with your new logo design.

Once complete, we’ll produce your logo pack. This will provide you with all the filetypes and variations that you’ll require for print, web and social media going forwards. We’ll also share a breakdown of the typeface(s) and colours used in your new logo as well as any supporting colours agreed during the design process.

For those who require more detail we can also produce a brand guidelines document detailing exclusion zones, typographic hierarchy, example layouts and so on – all of which are useful tools for maintaining consistency when commissioning or producing branded materials in the future.

As we mentioned earlier, your logo design is just the first step in developing an impactful and memorable brand and it really is how you use your new logo that counts. To really build on your image it’s important that your web presence, printed materials and shared content all receive the same care and attention.

If you would like to discuss your new brand or learn more about our other services please do get in touch with our brand designers.


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