The 6 Steps to Increase Your Typing Speed

It’s a common misconception that typing speed is determined by how fast you can move your fingers. The truth is, it’s about how quickly and accurately your brain sends signals to the fingers. This means that anyone can learn to type faster if they have the right tools and strategies! In this article, we will talk about 6 steps that will help you increase your typing speed so you can get more work done.

Step One:

Use a slow, steady pace- We’re all guilty of trying to type faster than we can actually go. But this creates mistakes and frustration when you get even more behind because you have to fix them. Instead of rushing through your words, take it one keystroke at a time slowly but steadily. You’ll still be getting things done quickly!

Tip Two:

Learn shortcuts for common phrases or terms shortcuts are often the fastest way to enter text on your keyboard without having to use multiple keys per letter. This will not only save typing time but also save you from typing incorrect words.

Tip Three:

Track your typing speed – Once you’ve been typing for a while, set up an online timer to see how many words per minute (WPM) you are typing. This will help identify any areas of weakness and give you goals to work towards in order to improve your typing skills even more.

Tip Four:

Type with two hands on the keyboard- You should use one hand for each side of the body so that both hands can keep moving without ever having to stop or switch over. it’s also much easier on your fingers since they don’t have as far to travel between keys! Use whatever the way you feel comfortable.

Tip Five:

Type faster without looking down at your keyboard. Some people find it helpful to take a typing course or use typing software that forces you not to look down because this helps train the brain which combination of keys produce what letter, word, number, etc.

Once you get used to typing on your own again, don’t forget these habits! Just remember that if you can hear yourself typing then IT’S TOO LOUD!!! You should be able to type so softly (or even better) silently as possible.

Tip Six:

Increase typing speed with typing exercises— Typing is a skill that you can build up, just like any other. Although we’ve covered some of the tips on how to type faster without looking down at your keyboard (Tip Five), it’s always good to know more ways! You don’t need anything fancy or expensive; in fact, typing software and typing courses are often very costly!

The best way for you to practice typing is by using free typing programs found online. We recommend because they offer a lot of variety and help break bad habits so that when starting out again, things will be easier. And, most importantly it is free. Have fun practicing those skills!

These are the top tips you can follow regarding increasing typing speed.

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