Best Ways to increase CPC in Google Adsense

Here are some safe ways to increase your Google Adsense’s CPC. I have explained everything in details

1. Ads Placement

There are different ways to place your ads, the best method is to place your ad after the first paragraph of the content. I have properly explained the steps to place ads.
You don’t have to spam ads everywhere but it’s a simple method for those who are having trouble with placing the ads on lengthy content. Also, don’t use tons of ads on pages with low content.

  • Always use link AD after paragraph first.
  • Placing 336×250 Ad in Mobile & 728×90 Ad in Desktop.
  • Adding in-feed ads before the second last paragraph.
  • Use matched content ads, at the end of the article.

Placing ads in your WordPress website would be really easy, you can use Insert Post Ads or WP Quads plugin for placing adsense ads.

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2. Color Optimization

Red color, opposite color, and bright colorwork the best for optimization of Google Ads.
The user is more engaging with the ad and can easily see the ads. To change the color of your ad go to ad units and click on the title of your edit.
Then go to styles and change the color to red or any bright or highlighted color.

3. Displaying Different Ads on Mobile/Desktop

Try to display 336×250 ads on mobile and display the 728×90 ads on desktop.
If you are using a WordPress website download and install the short coder plugin and create a shortcode for your ad unit and simply check
Display on Mobile Only or Desktop to set the ads on different devices. This way it can increase your website revenue and ads would look
cleaner and will be healthy with $$$.

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